Nutella Cinnamon Buns

IMG_6109So for the past few months almost every weekend I try to make a batch of cinnamon buns they usually last till mid-week sometimes not. The recipes I use is a cheater cinnabon recipe. Sorry I can’t link it as I wrote it out by hand and didn’t make a note from where it came.
My whole family loves them and when the extended family comes they gobble them up pretty quick too. I have tried a few different varieties. Spiced cinnamon buns, pumpkin, the usual with the addition of raisins or nuts. They have all been great in their own way. Until recently my son asked if we could put Nutella on the buns. Checked it out and sure enough the sisters over at A Beautiful Mess had made a version. I used my trusty cinnamon dough recipe and instead replaced the brown sugar with Nutella and then finished with a light glaze of cream cheese icing. The verdict. Amazing! They are not as sweet surprisingly. My oldest son loves them. He says I am going to have to make these every day. I will totally entertain that idea atleast while I’m pregnant. Enjoy!

Starting Over 2015

Okay I am really thinking I am going to make this blog public soon…Just got to be ready to commit. Not to sure if I have enough stuff to talk about under my belt but gonna do a few posts while I am still private and see where I go from here.

Just a little update from where I last left off it was September 2014 and I was talking about the Etsy: Made in Canada Day sale. Awesome!! Shortly after that sale I was in a few more Christmas sales that year and then came winter, a long one and now here we are new year.

A little update on myself and my shop. My shop is picking up quite a bit and I am quite pleased with the orders some weeks I can’t keep up and then others are quiet. Now I am prepping for a spring craft sale in Niverville, April 19 I am also at this point still hoping I get into the spring WEST sale. So I am doing lots of prep to ready myself for that one.

On another note…I am expecting again. I currently have 2 boys, and if you didn’t already know a dog and a man who has many names depending on my mood but I mainly call him my husband or Jeff. Well we are now expecting baby #3 and I am thrilled, elated, absolutely terrified and a huge part of me is still in the WTF stage. I mean 3 kids and what if I have another boy. Oh boy! This house is crazy and loud already and come fall it is about to get a whole lot crazier. But you know regardless of a boy or a girl I am really excited. With my last two kids I went back to work really soon, being self employed out of the house with my oldest he was only 5 months when he was on my back at work. With my current baby he was less than 3 months. I feel like I missed out on certain moments cause I had to focus on my work. I did alot of pumping and due to the physical aspect of being a landscaper I lost all of my weight (nice I know) but too much that my milk supply depleted. I nursed both my babes for as long as I possibly could. This time it would just be nice to not run my body so hard and work so hard on keeping my milk on demand.

Anyways here’s to 2015. My shop Little Feather Designs . My family and new baby and blogging!!



Etsy: Made In Canada 2014

Well I am ipod photos 375close to three weeks behind on this. I really wanted to post before the big Etsy: Made In Canada Day Sale but with all the hype and stuff I had to prepare I just wasn’t prepared. I know I think of all those sewers out there who blog and sew and are amazing mothers and are taking an entire fabric collection to quilt market and think how can they do it and I can’t. I still don’t know. I am hoping that it is their full time gig. That they have amazing daycare for their kids and a wonderful husband who lets them galavant around creatively. That they have a huge team of people helping them out. I hope it is one or all of these things to make me feel more normal. Believe me I am trying to get up there. I don’t think I will ever be the next April Rhodes but I hope to be somewhat of a force.

My homemade table cover.

My homemade table cover.

Anyways back to Etsy: Made in Canada. I prepped and prepped and then I panicked and called my mom and she came over and spent an entire day sewing and working on projects with me. Thank god for mothers. When she left I prepped some more. The night before the big sale a late order of tags arrived so that allowed me to stay up late finishing up all the pieces that were unfinished.


ipod photos 336

My mother putting snaps on bibdanas.

ipod photos 473

Booth Done.

ipod photos 277

Stitching up some decorations for the main hall.







Alright I never published this post shortly after the sale I went MIA on my whole blogging experience but now I am back for the meantime anyways. Just wanted to fill in how my sale went, the experiences I learned and the things I can do with or without.

First off water and food next time. This sale was intense. Wall to wall people all day and they were amazing. I had so much fun meeting all these moms with babies or expecting ones soon. I sold lots of stuff and got a lot of great feedback. Some of the things I learned was have a partner to help you sell, give you time off your feet and so on. My mom said she would help me set up and when I showed up to the sale she was all done up. She ended up staying and helping me sell almost the entire day. I think she was relieving her old crafting days and needed a fix and I certainly didn’t mind. Have a cart to help you with your stuff I have a lot of totes so it was handy to have a cart. CASHBOX!! I can’t say this loud enough. I had nothing and was keeping changing in a spare box and literally throwing bills on the floor underneath me. Be prepared with a coupon, business cards or some kind of giveaway to get people to look at your product once they leave the sale. Working with the W.E.S.T. (Winnipeg Etsy Street Team) crew was an amazing experience. So many talented makers with beautiful booths and wonderful personalities. I learnt a lot about promoting not just yourself but others to get the full team experience. All in all it was a great time and I can’t wait to do it again.

Bunny ear teethers lined up for topstitching.

Bunny ear teethers lined up for topstitching.

Working on a quilt for the sale.

Working on a quilt for the sale.

My mom setting up the booth.

My mom setting up the booth.

Growing up without parents.

So this is a touchy or sensitive subject and it’s one that haunts me at night. If I could take a pill or have some procedure where I live forever with my children I would do it but unfortunately there isn’t and sooner or later we have to prepare ourselves and our children for that day when mommy and daddy may no longer be there. I try not to think about this subject at all but it’s always on my husbands mind. This week my husband and I are taking a trip for the first time without our children and wants to be prepared just in case something happens to us. I refused to talk to him about this. This isn’t something I wanted to talk about days before our trip. I am already thinking I just won’t go. But alas I do have to take that leap. I am extremely terrified my babies are so young. More than them needing me I NEED them! So anyways without further ado the details.
My husband wrote in a letter addressed to the people we would want taking our children and looking after the situation they would be dealt with. In this letter contained information of our financial situation. How much we owe on our vehicles. Whether or not they are insured if we pass. Our house, what’s left owing and again if it is covered if we pass. Any investments we have. He also laid out information on how to wisely use our money so that our children would never be a burden to anyone financially. Amongst the letter he has named a friend of ours who happens to be a realtor and he would be the one to talk to regarding our home and property. As well what our current house value is and so on. Our financial advisor is named and upon contact with him would help look after our estate in the financial sense and would always be available for financial advice regarding our children. Although I am crying as I write this this is something that should be done if you have children. I hope that all parents live to a ripe old age but if not you need to have the groundwork in place for your family. This is part of having a family. This was merely a rough draft something we put together in case. We will make changes and get more legal as we need but just for the moment this is a quick statement. Included with this letter we left a blank cheque signed with the persons name who is looking after our children. This step is important as banks and all the legalities can tie up your money for weeks, months or even years. Having a blank cheque would allow said person to go and take out a large sum as soon as they can to hold them over while things are being straightened out. This wasn’t in our envelope but will be added soon is letters to my children that can be updated or added to as they age. In those letters I would tell them about my time spent carrying them, their birth, our life together, stories about who they are and my hopes for who they become. Offer them my support and love and pretty much try and let them know that they are my life and will always be.
I cannot stress how important this is and it is extremely emotional but as I finish up this post I am now back from my trip. My children are tucked in their beds in our home with their mom and dad by their side once again. I was and still am very emotional about this but I feel a little more at peace knowing that my children will never not have in the financial sense or get lost in some legal shuffle.
I hope that this little post although totally off topic it helps anyone who hasn’t thought of this or who is and doesn’t know where to start.



The Staple Dress

If you are a sewer you should know of April Rhodes she is a very talented pattern  designer. I have two of her three patterns. Her patterns are made for the everyday woman or for me the everyday mom. The Staple Dress is a wonderful dress with two options for hems, you can do pockets or none, and depending on your preference and body style you can shir your dress a little or alot.You can make this dress out of a range of fabric from knits and lightweight cottons to gauze, linens, velveteens and rayon as well as voile. I chose a yellow cotton lawn from Pink Chalk Fabrics  which is gorgeous although I don’t think I would choose it again for the style of staple dress I made. It just  doesn’t have enough drape and sway to it. All in all it took me a little while to sew it up just because I took my time with everything, I didn’t want to have to pick out anything! Her instructions are very thorough and easy to follow. She guides you nicely through the french seams on the shoulders. My first time was a charm which gave me a new found confidence to go on.

french seams

A close up on my shoulder french seam.

shirring Once the french seams are done you move on to neck facing and arm holes which turned out nicely no puckering thanks to lots of pinning. After that you proceed on to shirring your dress. Shirring is sewing with elastic thread in the bobbin of your sewing machine to create a “smocked” appearance on your fabric. I did one row of shirring at my natural waist thanks to the wonderful advice I got from April Rhodes herself. The one row of shirring didn’t pull it in quite enough so I did a second row of  a 1/4 ” from the bottom of the orignal one, making sure to slightly flatten out the fabric so as not to sew the gathers down. The shirring was very easy once I got my bobbin loaded and fed through. If you are new to shirring Made By Rae has a great tutorial on shirring you can check it out here. She covers both top and front loading bobbins. The biggest thing is take your time it will work just be patient and give yourself a long tail of elastic to work with. After that I finished the dress off by hemming my high-low hem. Which again take your time and use lots of pins and you should have no puckering. This is a great starter dress for anyone who has basic sewing knowledge and wants to learn. You will feel so accomplished once it’s done just don’t freak out when you try it one half way to make sure all is well. As April Rhodes explains it will look a bit like a hospital gown. When I showed my husband once it was together before the shirring you could tell he had nothing to say. His response was “sure?!?”. Once I added the shirring and tried it on again I came downstairs and he immediately said “now that looks a lot better”. One thing I do need to learn more of is reading pattern sizes and understanding my true size verses what I think. I choose a medium for this and I am definately a small. Although my body has changed after having two kids and I obviously view myself bigger than I am the dress doesn’t lie. So match your measurements up with the finished measurements and go from there or make a muslin the first time around. Don’t do what I did and work with your first fabric choice and get the sizing wrong. I will keep it in my closet and maybe it will be something that I can wear when and if we get baby number 3 or I will have to find the friend who just happens to be a size medium and part with it. front staple  back staple  side staple

First quilt for my great niece.

Finally done!! My niece is expecting her first baby…never thought I would see this happen I mean I helped raised this kid how is she having babies now?!? So as with most people who are crafty in anyway shape or form we make something for said loved one. Well this one is getting a quilt. Normally I don’t let people pick out their fabric but because my niece was with me I let her pick it out. I shouldn’t have in hindsight . She has horrible taste in fabric and patterns🙂 despite her choices I managed to quilt her up something that brought her fabric choices to life. I am very happy that I was challenged with prints I would have never picked and make do. Still thinking of a name the main purple type fabric was called pure water stain, horrible I know. I started off cutting a bunch of squares and making half square triangles I was following someone else’s layout and realized after making the hst’s it did not work. So I turned it all around moved block after block before I came up with this mirrored image. And like water mirroring anything that gazes into it Diamond Water Gazing came to life. This quilt is not batted just backed with a pink minky fabric. I didn’t take any upclose pics but I stitched the edge around in an embroidered bow stitch and lengthened the stitch a bit then I just did a regular stitch lengthened a bit again and focused around the main diamond in the middle and then stitch one diamond larger around it. This was a fairly easy quilt to put together as my hst’s were quite large and I didn’t bat it. The cutting and stitching up took maybe one day of interrupted sewing and then sewing the final piece took about an 1-2 hours of dedication. Lots of pinning with minky. Hope she likes it. Enjoy!


This is the orignal pattern layout, Just plain boring and scattered didn’t showcase any of the fabric.


Final layout before sewing.


All rolled up for its photo-shoot.

The final results. May I present Diamond Water Gazing.

Quilt of 2014

So a few days ago I received an email from one of my sisters asking about a donation for an event happening at an up and coming artists market called Compendium Artist Market so I am thinking of donating a quilt that would be put in a silent auction or live auction. Either way it would be fun to have people want to bid on something you have created. There are going to be so many amazing pieces there I’m sure as I have seen some of the work of other artists that hope to display or sell their wares once this market opens. With all that being said I need to pick a design for a quilt to make. I have been eyeing a quilt pattern on the craftsy site called the Star Bright Quilt but with the event possibly going down in February maybe something more Valentine themed would be good like this heart block pattern from Sew Mama Sew heart block pattern. The heart pattern would be nice to do as it’s a 12 1/2″ block so I can make as many as I want and create my own unique piece with these blocks. Something to think about. The exciting part is looking for fabric for either pattern. Sewing in 2014….looking toward to learning, creating and hopefully selling too!


So the Quilt of 2014 was a great quilt not the quilt I was hoping it to be but with 2 kids, a full time job and pressed for time the quilt it is what it is. I donated this quilt to Compendium Artist Market along with a nursing cover and bag, a swaddler and a great reversible tote for carrying all the goodies home in. It was put up for auction and have yet to meet the person who won this collection. Here are some pics of the pieces I donated.

comp quilt

This baby quilt was created by some larger scraps I had kicking around and just didn’t know what to do with. All I knew was I wanted to do triangles. The front is simple triangles stitched onto the quilt cover. I batted this baby blanket and stitched around all the triangles which made a lovely arrow type pattern on the back. The back is just a solid cotton colour same as the binding a warm nude-peach tone.

nursing cover bag

The nursing cover came with a matching ivory muslin bag. The cover itself featured a hooped front so mama and babe can view each other as well a d-rings and a long strap for easy adjustments. I also added a pleated ruffle to the top and bottom of the cover to add a touch of a femininity to an otherwise square piece of fabric.


9 o’clock and sleepy

Long gone are the days of late nights. I love my kids but I look forward to the last kiss goodnight as it signals my turn to hit the hay. Staying up late for me now is 10 if I’m lucky. Sure some days I get a little more energy but between working outside the home and inside bedtime has become one of my favorite past times. It’s amazing how kids can change it all. Even if your not tired you tell yourself you should go to bed cause what if the kids wake up in the night? So I should catch up now before that happens. And sleeping in is a myth. I beg and make deals with my little ones to either get to sleep or to get them to sleep in but they never meet their end of the bargain. When your baby starts sleeping through the night it is something you celebrate on a regular basis. Oh sleep how I miss you and wonder will I ever recognize you when I see you again??

My first day as a “blogger”

Well today I am- Deanne- officially on the interweb sharing my thoughts, journeys, struggles and whatever else comes my way. This little piece of the blog world that I will try to maintain will just be a host to the things that I do in my everyday life- everything from cooking, crafts, SEWING projects (lots of sewing) and of course some daily ramblings on being a mother, a wife and an everyday woman. Wish me luck….fingers crossed!